ISOLearn Innovation and Social Learning for HEI

The ISOLearn project has been designed to support and facilitate the accessibility to HEIs (Higher Education Institution) offer and programs for both hearing and visually-impaired citizens of the participating countries through the development of specific ICT instruments and tools, as well as developing and monitoring the compliance with the ISOLearn quality standard.ISOLearn Project will define and pilot the ISOLearn Handbook describing how ICT based learning instruments and tools should be designed and delivered for these target groups. Moreover it will develop and test the ISOLearn Quality Label for measuring the compliance with the ISOLearn quality standards.
Therefore, the project will address several needs of the specific target groups:
a. Higher opportunity for tertiary education, therefore for more specialized skills and competencies. This will contribute to increasing their employability and quality of life.
b. Socially inclusive ICT based learning offer – the aim is to design and deliver education and training programmes that can be accessed by a wide range of beneficiaries, including hearing – impaired and visually – impaired individuals.
c. Raise awareness on the need to enhance and value individual capacities especially from hearing – impaired and visually – impaired individuals.