CINet Creative Industries Network of Entrepreneur

CINet, the Creative Industries Network of Entrepreneurs, is a research project in innovation and creative entrepreneurship within the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, of the European Commission.

The Creative Industry Network (CINetwork) project will identify transferable lessons from the formal and informal learning environment established within the Lace Market to support the development of a creative entrepreneurship network in several European countries (Portugal, Spain and Greece) transferred through UKWON organisation that will work close with two UK entrepreneurs – Atenna and Broadway.
The UK has remained at the forefront of European policy and practice in supporting and developing creative industry clusters, and offers a rich resource of innovation available for transfer to, and adaptation by, the partnership countries. Evidence from the UK shows that these industries demonstrate great potential for economic and also for employment growth.
CINetwork’s goal is to improve business skills for creative entrepreneurs and increase the potential for enterprise creation in the creative industries. The project will engage diverse market players in dialogue and cooperation including companies from the creative cluster, universities, training providers, innovation parks, research centres and public agencies. It will capture the transferable elements of UK experience including learning mechanisms, approaches to management and networking competencies.
CINetwork will make a further significant contribution to innovation in learning and development. The project will transfer and adapt the territorial cluster effects identified in the Lace Market to establish a non-spatial learning and development cluster. This will use social media technologies to create a learning, knowledge exchange and collaboration framework for actual and potential creative entrepreneurs at national and transnational levels within the EU.