E-xcellence Next

By developing the E-xcellence instrument under the e-learning programme an opportunity is created by EADTU for the existing channels in QA to adopt new quality guidelines for increased quality, accessibility and attrractiveness. As the E-xcellence instrument supplements existing QA systems with e-learning specific issues and addresses directly the higher education and adult education sector it can be integrated within the existing QA frameworks. Especially now that universities and QA-agencies have put QA in e-learning on their agenda.

In the past 2 stages in which E-xcellence was developed and promoted by and within open and blended universities and QA agencies it has proven to be a valuable and valued open source tool. The NVAO being the first QA agency to work with E-xcellence feels confident to engage in contacts with universities and other stakeholders in the realm of accreditation with a view to making the e-learning component of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses an integral part of internal and external quality assurance.