Lifelong Learning for Competitiveness in Small and Medium Enterprises (COPELLL)

The outcomes of the project were designed to achieve three main objectives: to identify best practices in SMEs, with regard to the Lifelong Learning; to raise SMEs awareness regarding the benefits of Lifelong Learning initiatives with regard to increased competitiveness, innovation and productivity, and also to map the specific needs of this particular public with regard to education and training.

To achieve these aims, the following specific objectives were defined:

  • To identify SMEs needs with regard to qualifications, training and learning of SMEs entrepreneurs and workers through the survey and analysis of existing studies;
  • To develop the exchange of experiences and good practices among SMEs regarding their investment on academic and professional qualifications, through Lifelong Learning initiatives in Portugal;
  • To build a manual with precise orientations so that SMEs owners and managers can, in their businesses, apply it in order to develop a diagnosis of their training needs;
  • To increase the knowledge of Portuguese SMES entrepreneurs regarding the impact of lifelong Learning in business, economy and society;
  • To influence SMEs and their entrepreneurs, making them aware of the close relationship between learning and productivity and as a way to achieve innovation and change;
  • To increase participation and involvement of key actors and stakeholders in defining and developing a strategy for the expansion of training offers sustainable in the medium term in order to meet the training needs of SMEs human resources;
  • To provide policy recommendations to European Universities, companies and policy makers, public and private training institutions involved in Lifelong Learning initiatives;
  • To inform Portuguese entrepreneurs about Lifelong Learning initiatives in Portugal and who promotes them.

With these goals the project aimed at raising SMEs entrepreneurs awareness to the need of effective implementation and actual practice of lifelong learning strategies that can act as a differentiating factor and that can conduce to high performance standards.