UpTake_ICT2life-cycle: digital literacy and inclusion to learners with disadvantaged background

As a strategic partnership, project will promote actions, at a national and international scale with the purpose of building contents, digital instruments and analysing the impact of ICT in a global world. It will pay special attention to learners of various ages that have never used internet (lifelong learning) and with disadvantaged backgrounds. It aims to help people facing the present process of civilizational change and, consequently, to shape the need of future generations. It aims to:

  1. Identify and share good practices in Societal innovations;
  2. Focus on new knowledge skills: basic and transversal development;
  3. Ensure equity in the exercise of rights, namely to help citizens with disadvantaged backgrounds;
  4. (re) and (up) skilling access to success;
  5. Disseminate results, promote impact, sustainability, dissemination and exploitation.