Research units

Pole of the Institute of Literature and Tradition Studies

The Pole of the Institute for Literature and Tradition Studies (IELT) at UAb is dedicated to Literature and Tradition Studies in its diversity of temporal, aesthetic and genological expression, in its multiple modes of transmission, reception and intersection, as well as in its various forms of theoretical, methodological and epistemological approach, in close articulation with the IELT (FCSH-NOVA).

The group, made up of seven elements, of which 2 are post-docs, has developed projects, organized colloquia, conferences and workshops, published and even proposed free / LLL courses that are integrated, above all, in two of the IELT axes: “Literary Tradition, Texts, Arts, Theories” and “Intangible Heritage and Symbolic Imagination”.

The research carried out at the Pole, like that carried out at the IELT, essentially aims to question the concept of tradition and to study, in a dynamic perspective, its importance in the very definition of literature, as well as the structuring role of imagination and mythical imaginary in creation, transmission and transformation of knowledge and representation models.

It thus intends to develop critical and interdisciplinary thinking about the place of literature and traditional forms in their constant interaction and reinterpretation through other artistic forms and cultural practices.