Research units

Pole of the Research Center in Arts and Communication

The Research Center in Arts and Communication (CIAC) at UAb aims to carry out research both in computing and computers as well as in media technologies, together with the design of highly appealing and engaging aesthetic experiences that support the development of creative and innovative computational artefacts strongly interconnected with scenarios of enjoyment and use of artistic nature, intercultural and socially interventionist, allowing to understand and expand the boundaries of art and technology, culture, entertainment and education and their implications in everyday life.

The group, which has 5 integrated researchers, aims to develop applied technology in the form of artifacts of artistic experimentation as well as models of artistic and social intervention that adapt to the specificities of specific scenarios of concrete use in art, culture, entertainment and education, an integral part of human activity, therefore centered on human and humanist values, and that provide meaningful experiences of enjoyment and use to the end user. This desideratum implies the systematic study of the social, cultural, artistic and computational/digital ecosystems for which the technology is developed and applied, and ultimately, requires a deep knowledge of the scenarios of enjoyment and use of computational artifacts.


Funded by National Funds through FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., under the project UIDB/04019/2020