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Enrollment and Access to the Course

The result of your application (accepted/not accepted) will be sent to your email. If you are accepted, your registration will be made automatically and you will not have to worry about this administrative issue.

Until the beginning of the Course, you will receive in your email instructions on how to proceed in the next steps of this training (reception of access credentials to the e-learning Platform and Academic Portal for payment of the tuition fee).

Cancellation of Enrollment

At Universidade Aberta there is no possibility of suspension of enrollment. According to its regulations, if a student intends not to continue the studies in a specific course, he/she should formally request the cancellation of his/her matriculation.

The absence of this explicit indication by the student does not allow the University to know that the student is not active, continuing to accumulate debt, thus preventing him from enrolling again in the same course or in other courses offered by our institution without paying the debt.

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