Microcredential in Distance and Digital Education

The Universidade Aberta of Portugal has recently introduced in its pedagogical offer the Microcredential in Distance and Digital Education, whose main objective is to foster the development of pedagogical skills in distance education.

This is the first of 24 Microcredentials that Universidade Aberta intends to develop.

The Microcredential in Distance and Digital Education is a result of the experience acquired by the University over more than a decade, through the design of courses for training online trainers, keepinp up with the technological advances and the emergence of new audiences and new demands.

It consists of 3 modules with a workload of 104 hours:

Module 1 | Networked Digital Teaching
Module 2 | E-Activities in Course Design
Module 3 | Course unit design in digital environment

This news Microcredential will begin on March 7 and counts already with more than 200 students enrolled.

According to the European Commission, microcredentials are qualifications that certify learning outcomes resulting from short courses or modules, and can therefore be guaranteed by citizens in various learning modalities: face-to-face, online or hybrid.

Microcredencial em Educação a Distância e Digital (Handbook in Portuguese)