ARDES project: Art, Design & Sustainability

The Ardes project held a meeting on Art, Design & Sustainability with special focus on environment and climate change last October, which was attended by professors and students from Universidade Aberta of Portugal.

The ARDES project is an Erasmus+ two years project dedicated to develop and validate a Short Learning Programme (SLP) in Art, Design & Sustainability for higher education.

This SLP aims to integrate climate change and sustainability into art and design curricula, to integrate knowledge and values associated with climate change and sustainability through engagement with art and sustainability, and to communicate these topics with the audience/citizens, using digital tools for interactive engagement, increasing their commitment towards climate change mitigation and sustainability.

The first edition of the SLP Art, Design and Sustainability with focus on Environment and Climate Chande began on November 20, 2023 (see Course Guide).

The ARDES project results from a partnership among the Spanish platform MyDocumenta (coordinator), the European University of Cyprus, the University School of Design and Art of Barcelona and the School of Art & Design of Valencia.

ARDES project