Portuguese online course for Ukrainian refugees

The Universidade Aberta of Portugal recently joined the solidarity campaign going on towards the Ukrainian refugees by offering an online Portuguese course completely free of charge to adult Ukrainian people living in Portugal and wishing to acquire basic communication skills in Portuguese language.

The online course Português Viva Voz is focused on the spoken language and its use in everyday situations.

The course is usually offered to foreigners and the basic levels are structured in independent learning modules that aim to provide learners with the communication competences defined in the Common Framework of Reference for Languages for the following levels: Level A1.1, Level A1.2, Level A2. Each module lasts for 12 weeks. The English language is used as a mediation language to facilitate the students’ activities.

For the Ukrainian refugees, the Universidade created an adapated version of the module Level A1.1. This first special edition began on April 4 with 101 students.

Universidade Aberta forecasts to carry out furter editions of this module. At the moment there are already 125 Ukrainian people attending for a new edition.