CRED4TEACH – MOOC-based micro-credentialing for teacher professional development


Micro-credentials can help teachers expand and validate their learning experience and to receive recognition once they achieved a milestone in their professional learning trajectories. Short-term learning opportunities leading to micro-credentials can significantly contribute to shaping the lifelong learning dimension in higher education.

The project intends to tackle the deficits in the teacher professional development in UA, ALB & MNE through introducing, testing and establishing approaches/mechanisms to the creation/recognition of MOOC-based micro-credentials for the professional development of secondary schools and VET teachers. These micro-credentials will be offered to teachers without any timely or geographical boundaries with the opportunity to:

  • learn and demonstrate competency in new skills,
  • get feedback from an outside evaluator,
  • and earn a recognition for mastery.

Thus, these micro-credentials will be supposed to be acquired and recognized as an equal alternative to the formal CPD courses. In this manner, the project will contribute to the promotion of credit-based learning pathways within the continuous professional development of teachers.

The specific project objectives are:

– to boost skills and competencies of teaching and research staff at participating institutions for the development, delivery, assessment, recognition and transferability of MOOC-based MCs;

– to develop, test and establish the national and institutional frameworks for the development, assessment, issuing and recognition of MCs in UA, ALB, MNE;

– to create and deliver pilot MOOC-based MCs for secondary school, VET & HEI teachers;

– to promote the wider adoption of MCs for professional development of teachers and other target groups.