Pedagogical Council

The Pedagogical Council is the collegiate body that assists and supports the Rector in coordinating the teaching and learning activities of the Universidade Aberta  (Statutes, Art. 68).

COMPOSITION (biennium 2020/2022)

President: Jorge Morais (DCeT)

Vice-President: Maria do Rosário Bastos (DCSG)

Secretary: Tânia Ferreira (DCSG)



Department of Sciences and Technology (DCeT)

Teachers: Jorge Morais | Paula Bacelar Nicolau

Students: Sónia Violante | Joaquim Neto

Department of Social Sciences and Management (DCSG)

Teachers: Maria do Rosário Bastos | Olga Magano

Students: Tânia Ferreira | Carla Oliveira

Department of Education and Distance Learning (DEED)

Teachers: Ana Nobre | Maria de Fátima Goulão

Students: Ana Catarina Carneiro | Fernanda Lopes

Department of Humanities (DH)

Teachers: Isabelle Simões Marques | Susana Oliveira

Students: Carla Teixeira | Teresa Rodrigues Pereira