Applications: 1st Cycle | Over 23 years old (ACFES)

Access for people over 23 years old (ACFES) is meant for any person who gathers the following conditions:

1. Completed 23 years of age by the 31st of December of the previous year;

2. Does not have a higher learning access certificate.

How does Access for people over 23 years old work (ACFES):

1. By looking at the candidate’s school and professional CV (Curriculum Vitae);

2. By the assessment of a questionnaire that is filled out during a written exam;

3. By grading a written exam, to be done on site, of the candidate’s chosen scientific area, according to the degree they intend to sign up for. The approval on this exam makes it possible to sign up for the degrees at Universidade Aberta on the year of approval and the two subsequent years.


Applications are submitted online on the deadlines established by the academic calendar. The following documents are required to be sent digitally:

  • Identification Document (Citizen Card or Passport); copy of the front and back, with the person’s full consent for validation of data on the application system;
  • Curriculum Vitae – please use only the document available here without adding other information;
  • Documents the candidate may find useful to show their certificates.

If the size of the files exceeds 2Mb please send the documents to, with the name and number of candidate and/or number of the identification document. Any missing document will be considered an exclusion factor.

Candidates may apply up to three degrees, and will be assigned according to the order of preference indicated on the Online Application. In case a candidate is admitted but would like to change the degree, he/she will only be able to do so on the next academic year, under the change of institution/degree regime, during the established period and paying the specific fees.

Payments are due through a Multibanco reference generated after formalizing the application. Keep the receipts as proof of payment.

For candidates residing abroad, payments can be done via bank transfer:

IBAN – PT50078101120112001298585

1st cycle access examinations are held in Portuguese. Further information on exams, exams calendar and places available at Acesso a maiores de 23 anos (ACFES)

Before the beggining of each academic year, students must attend an Online Ambientation Module, that is free and meant to better integrate the students into the virtual pedagogical model of Universidade Aberta.

The list of admitted and excluded candidates is published at

Would you have questions/doubts please use this Form.