Enrolment and registration

Enrolment (‘Matrícula’) is the act by which candidates formalize their status as students of a certain degree at Universidade Aberta. It happens in two distinct situations that require the payment of a fee:

  • when applicants register for the first time;
  • when candidates request reentrance or change of institution/course pair.

Registration (‘Inscrição’) is the act by each students register for each course unit. Students decide on the number of course units they register per semester – please note that students must also register in the course units for which results of the previous year or semesters are still pending.

In the 1st year of a 1st study cycle, students can register up to a maximum of 60 ECTS. In the following years, if you have not passed the course unit(s) in previous years, students can register up to 84 ECTS, which is equivalent to 14 course units.

The evaluation mode is chosen by the student at PlataformAbERTA, the e-learning platform of Universidade Aberta. Students have to make this choice per course unit and within the established period – after that period the system does not aloow for changes. Students who have not made any selected the evaluation mode are automatically registered in the continuous evaluation mode.

In case of failure in a course unit, students may keep the classification of the E-folios obtained in the previous year. For that, students must  request the creditation of their classification in the course unit space at the e-learning platform within the period established for this purpose.

For registering in 2nd and 3rd Cycles course units, please consult the respective Course Guide.


Part-time Student
In the 1st study cycle, a part-time student is considered to be one who, in each academic year, registers partially regarding the total number of course units that could be registered in the full-time study regime.

In the 2nd and 3rd study cycles, a part-time student is considered to be one who, at the time of enrolment and registration in the academic year, and only at that moment, registers in a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 50% of course units.


Deadlines and Payments
Enrolment and registration are carried out online, in the Personal Student Area/Academic Portal, respecting the deadlines annually established in the Academic Calendar in force.

Enrolment and/or registration is accepted only when students have their fees and other taxes fully paid.

For updated values ​​see Payments and current pricing.


Enrolment cancellation

Enrolment cancellation results in the cancellation of all course units in which students are enrolled.

Students that intend to resume their studies must submit a new application in accordance with the regime and within the deadlines defined for that purpose.

Enrolment cancellationt can be requested at any time of the academic year and implies the regularization of fees already overdue and filling in the form below.



Course units registration cancellation

Students may cancel the registration by filling out the form and indicating which course unit(s) are required to cancel. The respective fees are due and cancellation has to occur within theperiods below:

  • 1st Semester, until November 30 – fees have to be paid until October, inclusive;
  • 2nd Semester, until April 30 – fees have to be paid until April, inclusive.



Enrolment and registration suspension
At Universidade Aberta there is no possibility of suspending enrolment and registration. Students whishing to interrupt their studies must request the course units registration cancellation.


Enrolment and Registration Calendar at “Candidaturas”.