Pedagogical Model

E-learning and the Virtual Pedagogical Model®

Universidade Aberta’s Virtual® Pedagogical Model is based on the use of an elearning platform, PlataformAbERTA. Students access this platform through the access credentials sent to their personal e-mail, issued by Universidade Aberta’s services.

To know more about this specific pedagogical model, see the following ebooks:

Prior to the beginning of each academic year, students attend, for free, the Online Ambientation Module (MAO), that is meant to better integrate them into Universidade Aberta’s pedagogical model. This module lasts for two weeks and is mandatory for all students who are enrolling for the first time at the University.

All the information that students need to fulfil and manage their learning process is integrated in PlataformAbERTA: learning materials, activities and pedagogical tasks to be developed, communication spaces for sharing and building knowledge, evaluation tasks, spaces for communicating with other students and with the teachers.

The communication with the teaching staff is preferably carried out in an asynchronous way, allowing for a larger flexibility and autonomy on the learning management process.

It is indispensable students have regular access to a computer with internet connection, broadband, along with their personal e-mail account.

The personal e-mail accounts are provided by Universidade Aberta to its students, through the Microsoft’s Office 365 Platform and have to be used mandatorily when officially communicating with the University. It is of the students responsibility to frequently check their inbox.