Teaching Staff Mobility

Universidade Aberta’s teaching staff have the possibility to carry out teaching or training missions in other European higher education institutions. For participating in a teaching mission it is required the pre-existence of an Erasmus+ agreement between the home institution and the host university.

Mobility for Teaching

Teaching period abroad at a partner higher education institution with which there is an interinstitutional Erasmus+ agreement at the respective scientific area.

The professors that carry out a mobility for teaching will have recognition of the participated activities (with indication of the number of teaching hours).

Mobility for Training

Training period abroad at higher education institutions or any public or private organisation active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training and youth.

The professors may participate in organized training events, such as international Erasmus weeks (cf. IMOTION plataform) or job shadowing and observation periods. Participation in conferences is not financed.

An Erasmus Inter-institutional Agreement is an agreement made between two or more institutions where the scientific areas, and the type, quantity and duration of mobility flows are defined.

The IIA list is available at Universidade Aberta’s Webportal, in the Internationalization area. New agreements can be celebrated by invitation from European HEIs or by Universidade Aberta’s initiative (demonstration of interest originating from departments/degree coordinators/professors).

The IIA are celebrated through a digital platform according to the guidelines of the Erasmus without Paper Initiative.

Teaching staff wishing to participate must follow these steps:

  • Fill out the Mobility Agreement for Teaching or Training which must be signed by the participant, the Erasmus+ responsible at the host institution and the rector of Universidade Aberta as home institution (digital signatures are accepted);
  • Send the filled Mobility Agreement to the Communication and International Relations Office (GCRI) – gcri@uab.pt, together with the fiscal identification number (NIF), necessary for the preparation of the Erasmus+ Contract;
  • Sign the Erasmus+ Contract prepared by GCRI, which establishes the value of the awarded grant;

At departmental level, fill out the form available at Universidade Aberta for travelling abroad and the request for equalization to a grant holder.

The grant is calculated according to the cost of living in the country of destination plus distance band:

Erasmus+ Distance Calculator

Green travel or sustainable means of transport is defined as the travel that uses low-emissions means of transport for the main part of the travel, such as bus, train or car-pooling.

Upon completion of the mobility period, participants have to:

  • Fill out an online report – for this purpose, participants will receive an automatic message;
  • Send to the GCRI a copy of the declaration of attendance issued and signed by the host institution.

BIPs are virtual courses that have to contain a mandatory physical component, with a duration that can vary between 5 to 30 days (it can occur before, during or after the virtual component).

Professors at Universidade Aberta have the possibility of organising a BIP or participate in a course of a Higher Education Institution (HEIs) through an invitation (teaching mobility).

BIPs have to comply with the following minimum requirements:

  • 3 Higher Education Institutions from 3 different partner countries (HEIs must have ECHE and IIA in the scientific area of the degree)
  • At least 15 students participating (students from the organizing or receiving HEI are not counted)
  • 3 ECTS

All participants are entitled to an Erasmus grant (students, teaching and non-teaching staff).

The professors interested in organizing a BIP must manifest their interest to the Communication and International Relations Office (GCRI) up to mid-January of each year, allowing enough time to submit the request in time of the annual application to the Erasmus+ Program, Key-Action 1 – Individual Mobilities for Learning Purposes.

If the application is accepted, the ones responsible for the organization of the BIP must send the following elements to GCRI:

  • Name and description of the BIP
  • Identification of the Department and person of contact at Universidade Aberta
  • Identification of the participating HEIs
  • Target groups: 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle students
  • Distribution of the virtual + face-to-face component
  • Number of ECTS
  • Language(s) of instruction
  • Location of the face-to-face component

The European Commission offers free online courses for the 29 official languages of the EU member states and associated countries to all Erasmus+ program participants in Key Action 1 at https://academy.europa.eu/

Mobility Agreement for Teaching

Mobility Agreement for Training 



Further information: Communicationa and International Relations Office | gcri@uab.pt