Virtual Mobility

Universidade Aberta has always promoted student mobility; traditionally in face-to-face format and, since 2011, virtual format. From this date on, Universidade Aberta has carried out different virtual mobility projects with partners in Europe and Latin America.

The completion of an international mobility period within the scope of programs or bilateral agreements, is an opportunity for students to get to know the teaching method and study programs of other universities while obtaining equivalence to the studies carried out there, without the economic, social and/or family costs usually associated with physical mobility.

Virtual mobility activities for studies always take place within the scope of an inter-institutional agreement (protocol, convention, addendum, specific agreement, etc.) celebrated by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) involved in the mobility project. This way, the participating HEIs can previously agree on the academic recognition of the study programs to be carried out by their students at the host HEI.

Students in virtual mobility at Universidade Aberta are offered exactly the same conditions available to other students of the institution.


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