Evaluation modes

Students must choose the evaluation mode they intend to carry out – continuous or final evaluation – during the first three weeks of class activities at PlataformAbERTA, per course unit.

In 1st study cycle degrees, the preferential evaluation mode is continuous (attributed by default, if no choice is made).

Continuous evaluation includes: 2 or 3 papers written in digital format (E-folios) and a final test to be held at the end of the semester (Global e-Folio), with a weighting of, respectively, 40% and 60%.

Only students who obtain the following classifications in the partial grades are considered to have successfully passed the course unit:

  • E-folios sum: grade equal to or greater than 3,5 points;
  • Global e-Folio: grade equal to or greater than 5,5 points.

In the end, the sum of the partial evaluations (E-folios + Global e-Folio) must be equal to or greater than 10 points.

However, students may, in due course, opt for a single evaluation moment (e-Exam) that has a weighting of 100%. This option does not apply to all course units, namely the foreign languages ones – so students are adivised to check which mode(s) are available to be selected per course unit.

Student select the evaluation mode at PlataformAbERTA, per course unit, within the established period, after which it cannot be changed. If students do not make this selection in due time, hey will be automatically registered in the continuous evaluation mode.

Usually, evaluation in 2nd and 3rd study cycle degrees takes the form of continuous assessment. Please check the Course Guide for detailed information.

Evaluation periods

For course units with exams, the evaluation period happens at the end of the semester (Normal Period). Students who cannot attend to or did not get approval, can sit athe the appeal period. It is not necessary to request registration to sit for the exam because it is automatically registered. Further information at the Evaluation, Classification, Qualification and Certification Regulation .

Students who do not complete the e-folios or have failded the e-folios of a course unit (did not get 3,5 points ​​in the sum of the course unit e-folios), they cannot sit for the Global e-Folio. However, they can still sit for appeal period exam, being automatically registered. This option does not apply to all course units – so students are adivised to check which mode(s) are available to be selected per course unit.

Publication of results

If the mention Not ApprovedNA is stated at the academic portal, it indicates that students failed the E-folio(s), that is, they did not obtain a minimum of 3,5 points ​​(did not prepare any e-folio for this course unit or in the sum of the E-folios did not obtain the established minimum classification). Students will be excluded from continuing in the continuous evaluation mode. However, they can still sit for an electronic written exam, at the appeal period, being automatically registered.

If the mention Not Approved is stated at the academic portal, without a quantitative grade at the place of classification, it indicates that students obtained the minimum 3,5 points required for passing the E-folios, but did not attend the the Global e-Folio,  or did not obtain the minimum of 5,5 points the minimum of 10 points ​​in the sum of the partial evaluations. In this situation, students can still sit for the Global e-Folio, at the appeal period, being automatically registered.

If the mention Deferred Publication is stated at the academic portal, instead of the classification, it means that students have settle down their current account with Universidade Aberta. The current account can be verified at the Academic Portal/Treasury (Portal Académico->Tesouraria).

Consultation of results

After the evaluation period, results are available at the Academic Portal/Consultation of grades (Portal Académico->Consulta de Notas).

If a problem emerges with the course unit(s) gradind, students can request for clarification by filling the form also available at the Academic Services/Exam Logistics Service.

Improvement of grades

Student who want to improve their classification in one or  more course units can proceed as follows:

a) To sit for an exam at the appeal period of the year in which they obtainde approval – the exam corresponds to the evaluation mode chose by the students at the beginning of the semester and has to be requested the registration through this form, in the following periods:

  • 1st semester – from April, 20 to 27, 2022
  • 2nd semester – from July, 20 to 27, 2022

Students have to register even if the result of the exam carried out in the normal period has not been published yet. In case, students wish to cancel their registration for improvement of grades at the appeal period, they have to request the respective cancellation till May 7 for the 1st semester and August 6th for the 2nd semester course units.

b) To attend the course unit in the following academic year – in such cases, students have to register during the registration period, choose the evaluation modede, and paying the respective fee; in case students want to keep the E-folios grades, obtained in the previous academic year, they have to request for the creditation of these grades in the course unit space at the e-learning platform. 

Registrations can be cancelled at cancellation of registration in course units.

It is not allowed to register for improvement of grades in course units whose approval was granted by crediting academic (equivalence) or professional skills.

If the certificate of completion of the degree already been issued, registration for improvement of grades will not be allowed.

Special period exam

Students who cumulatively meet the following conditions can request to sit for an exam in the special period:

  • To have a maximum of three course units missing to complete the degree;
  • To have been enrolled in the missing course units in the current academic year.

Requests have to be submitted by fulfilling this form within the deadline stated below, even if all the results of the exams held in the appeal period have not yet been published:

  • 1st and 2nd semester course units – September, 22 to October, 6, 2022.


  • Registrations just for improvement of grades are not accepted;
  • During the special period, all students from Universidade Aberta will sit for an exam with the grading scale 0-20 points, in which grades lower than 10 points correspond to failure;
  • Each course units students require to improve the grade has a cost of 60 € (sixty euros) . In accordance with what has been exceptional and temporarily established by the Management Board of Universidade Aberta, this amount will not be debited if students approve in the course units in a previous period and/or request the cancellation between September, 22 and October, 10.

Official request for an exam copy

After the grades publication, students have 5 working days to request the official exam (submitted at PlataformAbERTA) using this form. The exam will be sent by email in pdf format. The correction criteria must be consulted in each course unit space at the elearning platform.


An appeal concerning the classification obtained can be submitted within 5 working days following the date on which the official exam copy was provided.

For that purpose, please inlcude in the form above the request of the corresponding fee for grading review. After payment, send the receipt, reopening the initial message.

The request for a grade review must be addressed to the respective department director and include attached the documentos indicated in the Regulation of Evaluation, Classification, Qualification and Certification.

The final decision will be sent to the student by email in pdf format.

Declaration of presence

After submitting the electronic written exam at the e-learning platform, students can download the respective presence declaration at Tópico Bloco Campus Virtual – certificates section. The validation/visualization of this document(which your employer will eventually need) will be available by copying the URL link contained in your declaration to an internet browser. Please note that declaration is generated only with the validated submission of your exam, within the time established for its completion.

In case students do not achieve to submit the electronic written exam at the e-learning platform, they can request a declaration of scheduling the test by filling out this form.

Request for special conditions for students with Special Educational Needs

Students having any Special Educational Needs have to fill out this form and attach all the medical documentation, namely the Multipurpose Disability Certificate, so that Universidade Aberta can verify the possibility of creating the necessary conditions for carrying out the respective exams. After verification, the Academic Services may request the sending of original and/or additional documentation. The application for a Student with Special educational Needs status has to be requested within the period that elapses between the act of enrollment and registration and the end of the Online Integration Module.

Regulation for Students with Special Educational Needs (Portuguese)
Accessability webpage

For further information on Evaluation and Examinations Calendar please see Portuguese version.